Two giant inflatable Rubber Duck sculptures were spotted swimming back and forth in the waters near Tsing Yi, Hong Kong on the morning of May 25. Everyone in town rejoices.

This sea trial is the first teaser of an upcoming art installation featuring the iconic Rubber Duck series next month. When it landed in the city in 2013, the Rubber Duck attracted an enormous crowd of more than eight million visitors to Victoria Harbour.

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Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Ducks are back in Hong Kong

Since 2007, Florentijn Hofman has been taking the sculpture on a world tour in cities such as Amsterdam, SydneyOsaka, and more. The Rubber Duck travels worldwide and uses the location as its personal space, or for lack of a better word—bathtub. After all, it is inspired by the bathing rubber duck toys. 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first visit, the creative brand AllRightsReserved (ARR) invites the Rubber Duck to return to Hong Kong. This time, another rubber duck is tagging along. The duo will appear in a large-scale public art exhibition, DOUBLE DUCKS, by Florentijn Hofman.

ARR will be announcing more details on June 1. Through the exhibition, they hope to spread art’s healing power and bring everyone joy. Similar to its first landing in Hong Kong a decade ago, the Rubber Duck once again captured the attention of residents and the media.

A cause for celebration

In addition to the Rubber Duck’s 10th-year anniversary, this year also marks the 20th birthday of ARR. This local creative brand has been curating numerous projects in the city and across the globe. Aiming to create an art space for everyone, it has brought KAWS:Holiday, Yayoi Kusama: Dot Obsessions, and Light Rose Garden to the city.

Are you surprised to see the return of Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Ducks? Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming exhibition!

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