Whether he’s heading to an exclusive event or just chilling with nature, Up is always dressed to impress.

For this month’s LSA Live! we are here today with Poompat ‘Up’ Iam-samang. Intelligent and talented, this Thai actor is mainly known for starring in the Y-series called Lovely Writer: The Series. However, besides working in the entertainment industry, Up is also pursuing a doctorate as he enjoys learning. With that, we can already imagine his busy schedule as he juggles being on set, attending events, university, and even socialising with friends. But how does Up dress up for these occasions? Well, Up told LSA that he loves to wear casual and comfortable clothing. “That’s why I choose SANDRO, their collection is perfect for any situation, especially their Spring / Summer 2023.” 


SANDRO is located in Central Embassy on the 2nd floor, the only location with a men’s collection. For further information, add SANDRO’s Line Official: @sandro_thailand or click here.


Walking around the mall

As Up loves to wear comfortable and casual clothing, he chooses to wear SANDRO’s short-sleeve pinstripe shirt. Leaving it unbutton, he pairs it with their pastel yellow tee and blue trousers. What a stylish, yet relaxed look for walking around the mall.


Business dinner

After looking at his watch, Up threw on SANDRO’s blue suit jacket on top of his previous outfit since he’s running late to an important business dinner. From casual to formal, the Parisian fashion house, SANDRO, is the brand that will elevate your original look to a whole new style through mixing and matching.


Chilling with nature

As Up heads up to Khao Yai during Thailand’s colder season, he chooses to wear something that will keep him warm and comfortable. With that, he has on a green sweater to match with the green surroundings. For his bottoms, Up is wearing denim trousers as he is currently into that fashion trend right now.


[Image credit: @uppoompat]


Meet & Greet

On this very special occasion, Up chooses to dress a bit more formal, but with a casual touch since he is meeting his lovely fans. With this look, he is wearing a white dress shirt with a blue vest under to add a pop of colour. He’s also wearing a light blue denim trousers for that beautiful colour contrast.


[Image credit: @uppoompat]


Dinner date

For his date night look, the actor said he likes to go for a more formal vibe. Here he wears a light grey plaid dress shirt with a couple of accessories to complete the look. Up even told LSA how he always chooses to wear “a good pair of comfortable trousers as he might eat a lot.” What a relatable king.


[Image credit: @uppoompat]

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